Sunday, August 22, 2010

Train Your Bird to Talk: 14 Lessons Plus Training Method (1976)

I decided to end with something simple, yet wonderful. Originally, it was the label logo that caught my eye here (Pet Records!), but then I realized how amusing and strange it was to see the “song titles” laid out like that, which is why I’m posting both sides.

Playing the record, these tracks consist of a couple of minutes of each phrase being repeated over and over again, alternating right channel/left channel each time (to provoke an extra stimulating learning experience for the bird, apparently).

This Pet Records label is also relevant to my situation this weekend, as a pet mouse we have escaped from his house and is running around loose in the apartment. As of this writing, I still haven’t succeeded in capturing the little mofo.

It’s been a fun two weeks contributing to the blog, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the labels I’ve shared. Thanks to Alexander for inviting me. I realize in retrospect that I posted a lot of wacky ones. But there were so many elegant, beautiful, stylish ones posted already, that I wanted to toss in a number of bizarro examples. Well, at least I can sensibly go out with a squeak.


  1. The mouse has just now been recaptured! Relief!

  2. ...and a great way to end my stint here at Collector Not Completist, by successfully collecting our mouse.

  3. Agreed. Although if you became an committed mouse completist you could have a great business as a rodent-control freelancer.