Sunday, August 29, 2010

private press (1991?)

"The Manson Family Sings The Songs of Charles Manson"

An LP recorded in 1970 by the family sans the man himself (“Clem” handles the vocals and guitar, aided by reverb-washed Manson-chick backing vocals and “Gypsy” on violin). Really beautiful and chilling stuff, aside from all attendant associations.

This is a white vinyl issue with no label or date information. The etches in the run-out grooves read “YGGDRASSIL FOR NINE DAYS” on the A side and “SCORPIAN BACKWARDS” on side B. There’s a sticker with the date May 29 1991 on the inside of the sleeve of my copy, and I think I'll just run with 1991 as the release year till someone corrects me. The information I do have about the session is from a 1997 double CD, “The Family Jams,” released on the Transparency label; the first CD consists of the recordings that appear on this LP.

I thought the label designs here nicely reflected the enigmatic nature of the LP’s provenance.

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  1. great pick! i love this record. 'no wrong, no wrong, come along'