Monday, December 13, 2010

Collector Not Completist One-Year Compilation (2010)

To celebrate the first anniversary of Collector Not Completist, we put together a compilation featuring tracks from collectors who have posted on the blog in 2010. Each collector contributed one track, and they're ordered sequentially as they appeared on the blog. It's an exquisite corpse of smooth soul, bizarre sound effects, spoken word, sludgy rock, and synthy new age. Included with the download are notes on each track, provided by the collectors who contributed them.

For your listening enjoyment and year-end pleasures, here's the Collector Not Completist One-Year Compilation.


  1. A fantastic listen. Thanks for putting it together. "Honey Cone"! Holy cow!

  2. Yeah, there are so many gems that were contributed to this. It all comes together in a really fun way.

  3. Here's to many more years of CNC!!