Friday, December 3, 2010

Maggotron - The Invasion Will Not be Televised (Cos' We Don't Have a Video)

During the summer when I was 13, my sister and I drove around Dubuque for a couple days looking for jobs. At some point we started pulling up to graveyards and pitching ourselves as a brother/sister lawn mowing team. Our Dad had done such work solo in Detroit when he was young. The way he talked about it, I couldn't wait to start mowing those stones. All I remember about this part of the day was the absolute disinterest of the cemetery foremen in our enthusiasm. Once we had canvased every graveyard in town the two of us hit some thrift stores. On that afternoon I found this Maggotron LP at the Dubuque Blind Society at the bottom of a wooden crate filled with National Geographics. Immediately I thought this thing was hilarious and strange. The cover of the LP is a crude painting that looks like a black superhero bursting through a television set. A bored, muscular white man watches from the couch. It may even be that our hero is crashing the set of Black Flag's TV Party cover shoot. For years I was convinced this was a really valuable record.

Side 2 has a pretty cool cover of "Caroline No" by the Beach Boys.

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