Sunday, December 5, 2010

Judith Mahlberg - Sings Norse Songs

I sort of hinted at the milieu of this record in my post about Friend and Lover. Since junior high I was friends with a boy named Peter whose mother was a Norse folksinger and storyteller. She was an incredibly kind lady. I was aware of her before I met Pete. Judith had came to my school once or twice in elementary school to perform her program. I grew up listening to folk music so I was eager to hear her strange stories of weird trolls. She sang Norse ballads that were very fine and beautiful. I only use the past tense, because I'm no longer in contact with her. The last I heard she'd retired to Miami.

I realize this is another post with very little mention of design. The exercise of posting to this blog has made it clear to me how much I simply prefer basic text on an LP label. Even written in a language I cannot read, the titles on these tracks set my mind to dreaming of what the record might sound like.

I've placed at the bottom of this post an imaginary label for this record, a straw man. The image is sampled from the front of the LP cover. This character is a troll that is preparing to harass a little blond pig-tailed doll. While I love his face, isn't such narrative allusion better fit for the cover?

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  1. I acquired several test pressings in mint condition mailed to her address in Dubuque at a recent garage sale. I want to learn more about her.