Sunday, December 12, 2010

Various Mississippi: Pandit Prannath - Earth Groove, "70s Thai Orchestra"

In the last couple of years I've had many cranky conversations about Mississippi Records. This is another one, probably one-sided, unless there's comments.

While I've never heard anyone argue that Mississippi puts out bad stuff, the strongest complaints often are based around records like the two I've posted here. Nowhere on the sleeve or the LP is there any indication that this is a Mississippi release. No man, it's basically the same thing as the original. Of course, we're all supposed to know better and just enjoy it (the low prices usually help me forget my qualms).

As the stacks in record stores start filling with more and more product like this, from Mississippi, the Euro phony reissue labels, pirates, and now, Mississippi-inspired labels, the record store becomes as bogus as the Itunes store. Every record store on the planet has the same amazing deep cuts at deep discounts. Is that why there are now 4 Reckless Records in Chicago? Many of the Mississippi releases are retreads of Arhoolie releases. I can only assume they are legit. Arhoolie had the good taste to repackage things, create a new aesthetic with a little help from Crumb and others. Like so many other things, Mississippi is the hot record label (still hot?) that this generation deserves. Virtual bullshit, but it's cool right?

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