Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ESP Sampler

"How would you like to have your mind caressed?/Can't you feel that I'm possessed/With Psi Power?"
--Hawkwind (not on this sampler)

This might be the only record where the label truly was what snagged me. This one was in my parents' collection. Around 6th grade I became interested in the record collection that was housed in the entertainment center underneath the TV. Before I started listening to them, I'd run my toes across the spines of the LPs when I laid on the ground watching Mr. Belvedere, Mr. Wizard, and Mr. Spock.

The ESP sampler has a relatively subdued cover design. The title was interesting. I thought this was maybe a key to PSI powers my parents had deemed too PG-13 for my young mind. When I opened it up the label was just a huge list of words, probably names, but I wasn't even sure if they were song titles, names, or what. The record is a true sampler. Tracks only last a short while, fade-in in the middle, fade-out a little deeper into the middle. Some of it is music, some of it talking, and some of it "music". I was pretty sure it was the coolest record in the house. It took me years to learn how to understand the words on the label.

The peak of western civilization is summarized in list form on this LP.


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  2. No, I was talking about the legendary Lower East Side street performer named Mr. Wizard.