Thursday, December 9, 2010

Black Vatican - Black Vatican/True Primes Split

After all of these posts, most of my readers are probably starting to lose faith in me, wondering if I'm not just talk. I often have this effect. On my first day of teaching, a student rose to his feet and yelled at me, "You're a joke, man! A fucking joke!" Was he right? Was I a fool to have a reading assignment after the first class meeting? This young man was truly objective. He wasn't even enrolled in my class. He just happened to be using the computer lab where the class was held when outrage moved him to enter history.

He challenged me and I had him removed. Don't test me.

This is the first example of my work in LP label design. It's for a split LP my band Black Vatican did on Locust Music. Some elements of what I've talked about in my other posts are visible. The crisp text, evocative song titles, essentially all the information needed to whet the appetite of a listener's fantasy. For those not yet ready to dream I prompt with a photo, yes, an allusion to narrative.

Does it work? I've never heard a single comment about my label design besides the notes I received from the label. The cover I designed, in contrast, has been panned. On the cover currently has 0 thumbs up and 7 thumbs down. Not exactly the hottest meme, but the verdict is absolute. The only less liked photo for Black Vatican on the website is one that depicts Owen and me shirtless. 1 thumb up, 12 down.

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  1. Unfortunately there's not a THUMBS UP THUMBS DOWN system on this blog, Andy, so you're not going to be able to accurately poll the readers. But, maybe you'll get some comments that will give you objective critique of your design work.

    I for one like the placement of the tree trunks.