Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mobile Fidelity (1962)


  1. Stereomonic! you sit really close to your one huge speaker, and who cares about separation and phasing and that fancy stuff?

    (actually, I think I read that Stereomonic means some of the tracks on the record are stereo, some are mono.)

  2. As a lover of sound effects albums I assume that this a train recording that is "spooky". Yes? And what is on the B side?

  3. the b-side label is nearly identical, with the replacement of the words "side one" with "side two." and sound-wise, it's pretty similar. while i would definitely describe the album as more mournful than spooky, it's haunting, at least. and it would probably scare you in an unexpectedly profound way if a burglar broke into your place in the night and put this album on before leaving. even quietly. well, especially quietly.