Thursday, August 26, 2010

ESP-Disk (1973)

The above is not the actual center label art of the record I'm talking about.

Let me explain.

For a while I was picking up sea shanty LPs whenever I came across them. Cover art and overall visual themes of those records are, almost uniformly, obviously nautical, but I originally plucked this LP from the bins of (the recently defunct) Bart’s in Boulder, CO on the basis of cover art which I figured signified psychedelia of some sort. Instead I was happy to have stumbled across more shanty recordings, and on ESP to boot. These versions are rendered by the British folksinger more commonly credited as Louis Killen.

Anyway, the back cover depicts, at 100% size, a pink vinyl LP labeled "Lou Killen- Sea Chanteys" with the above center label art. Why? Cause it does. That art has absolutely nothing to do with the center label art on the actual (non-pink vinyl) LP inside, which is:

Because nothing says "sea shanties" like a giant hand about to grasp an egg floating in the blackness of space.

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  1. over the course of people posting to this blog, the ESP-Disk images people put up has really been some of my favorite labels. So many good ones!