Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bloopers Inc. (1955)

A light-hearted farewell from Anna and Scott!

The "Pardon My Blooper" compilations were put together by "Radio and TV Producer" Kermit Schafer from submissions made by radio and television snoopers across the country. The LP offers a lifetime membership in Kermit Schafer's Blooper Snooper Club to nosy Blooper fans, and one can assume there are still a few lifetime members out there somewhere.

The best thing about this label (and there are many great things about it) is the subtitle, "Radio & Television's Most Hilarious Boners." To think there was a time when "boner" only meant a mistake.

Since this particular set of boners was compiled in 1955, it's safe to say that we can thank the sexual revolution for synonymizing the words for "an erection" and "a blooper."

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