Monday, August 30, 2010

Roulette (1966)

Once I had a dream where I was a really brilliant oud player- like, just wailing. I woke up so jazzed and certain of my musical destiny that I marched on down to Lark in the Morning in San Francisco, took one of them puppies off the wall, and started to play. Now, anyone with sense can predict what happened next (i.e., I merely added to the horrible, horrible racket of Fisherman's Wharf tourists "jamming" tunelessly on mbiras and digeridoos), but sometimes you just gotta follow those dream feelings, man. Anyway: oud. It ain't got no frets. It's hard to play.

You'd never guess how hard when listening to Armenian-American oud virtuoso John Berberian, of course. This record comes before the electrified psychedelic sounds of Middle Eastern Rock, and is more "traditional," but still truly rockin' in the non-genre sense. The Record Fiend blog has a nice post about the contents.

I just picked this up at one of Boulder, Colorado's newest purveyors of LPs, Absolute Vinyl, which is more than making up for the closing of Bart's CD Cellar (Bart himself has a new "Music Shack" that I still need to check out). Feelin' pretty lucky about the vinyl scene here in this little college town- for now, at least! As soon as I saw that Roulette label (a classic, I'm told), I knew I had to share it.

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