Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sun Araw – Heavy Deeds (2009)

I do film restoration work at an archive in Los Angeles, and one of my co-workers is a guy named Cameron, aka Sun Araw. Sun Araw is awesome, and I recommend you not only pick up his records, but definitely check him out live when you get a chance. Anyhow, besides laying out deep, swampy slabs of tropical-flavored psych/dub jams that sound like they were recorded inside a sweltering, cramped, wood-paneled gymnasium during a blackout and a dry lightning storm, Cameron also has a unique and memorable design sense that I cotton to quite a bit. All of his records have a great look to ‘em, and I think they really connect and add some character to the experience of his sound. Of the handful of LPs I have, Heavy Deeds had the center label I wanted to share here. Included above are the A and B sides, which are similar, but complement each other nicely by their differences.

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