Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mono Pause – Peeping Through the Listen Hole (1999)

This is my friend Peter’s band, but I didn’t pick this center label out of simple, everyday nepotism. As I mentioned back on August 10, I work in a film archive, in particular on 16mm and other (as we call it) small-gauge stuff. I also have what I guess you could call a general appreciation for photochemical image-making and analog sound-making, and shoot super 8 and 16mm film too. So this center label speaks to that part of me with a generous amount of warm humor and dorky delight: the A-side is designed to look like a super 8 Kodachrome box (sadly no longer made), while the B-side is lovely 1/4” tape.

Peter’s various bands, including Mono Pause, Neung Phak, Malcolm Mooney and the Tenth Planet, and Negativland (hmmm... possibly others) are all very much worth checking out, by the way. But in particular, if you get a chance to see his group Wet Gate, don’t miss that opportunity. They’re a three-person ensemble that exclusively plays film loops on 16mm projectors to create live sound and (secondarily) image collages!

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  1. Oh MAN this is a cool label.

    Maybe a new sub-blog can be about film-related records - this one from February is made by Bolex/Paillard: