Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spitball Records (1977)

I haven't done any double postings this rodeo, but for this record I couldn't decide which sideburn shot was better. Side one gives you get a profile glimpse of just how enormous that caterpillar is, as well as that teethy oh-yeah-I'm-burning-this-solo expression. On side two it's all about how feathery those wings are. I wonder how hard it is to be a guitar player without any ears. All joking aside, the musician in question is Joe Diorio, who is one of those guys from the '60s that, as Jazz Times puts it, "has flown under the radar of the vast majority of jazz fans." The album is called Peaceful Journey and while I can't say I get down with these tunes, I am with the labels and the design work. Check the front cover for a look at that late '70s style.

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