Monday, November 14, 2011

American United / Cinema Educational Guild (1967)

So this is a case where the label really sets up what you're about to listen to what with the heavy impact font in black on the red background. Myron Fagan may come off all kooky like a crotchety old man who speaks through his nasal cavity, but damn he comes hard with the conspiracy theories. In this case, the C.F.R. is the acronym for the Council on Foreign Relations, which our dramatic speaker claims was created by the ILLUMINATI (they're big and scary enough to warrant all caps at all times evidently) "to control our elected officials to gradually drive the U.S. into becoming an enslaved unit of a 'United Nations' One-World Government." This was a three-record set, of which I only have the first. You can download all six parts on this web site, where you can also find "the truth" about the misinformation concerning global warming, Skull and Bones, and The Matrix.

One of my favorite LPs from back in my underground hip-hop days was
Outer Perimeter by Presage, a supergroup consisting of Mr. Dibbs, Jel and Dose One. The opening track is called "The Illuminati" and it has a healthy dose of Mr. Fagan telling it like it is along with Jack Van Impe and some other conspiracy-mongers that will remain untraceable for now until you know, like, new shit comes to light dude.

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