Tuesday, November 8, 2011

E.F. Hutton & Company Inc.

As the Wu-Tang maxim says, cash rules everything around me. This musty flea market find is ostensibly about exploring "contexts" for "the effective use of money through investments to improve your life." In other words, just get thee to your local E.F. Hutton branch stat and give them your dough. Oh wait, that joint is now Smith Barney, which is partially owned by Citigroup but 51% of that is owned by Morgan Stanley, making it Morgan Stanley Smith Barney formerly a division of Citi Global Wealth Management. Yeesh, I think we may need Mark Lombardi, much respect, for this case.

This features a lady offering sage advice such as, "Ask not what you can do for your brokerage firm, but what your brokerage firm can do for you," as well as a variety of suits talking with a weird slight echo on their voices about how the stock market works, etc. There is a short jingle at the end of the first track that starts out a bit cheeseball library-ish, adds some light synths and then what sounds like a recording from a trade room floor. Someone blurts out "100!" and then the tune ends abruptly.

Design-wise, I do find it hard to not get behind this blue even though blue isn't my color. The huge ass title and font makes it pretty clear what this one is all about. I also like the pretty prominent tag line hanging out at the bottom. I did a quick YouTube search because evidently the phrase was somewhat iconic during the '80s. This looks like
the standard premise for an E.F. Hutton commercial. I also stumbled on the Cos shilling for them. Too bad he doesn't actually utter the "people listen" phrase, but come on, that dude has always been for the kids.

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