Monday, November 7, 2011

Radio Canada International (1972)

I thought this would be an appropriate label to follow something from Kode 9, who as Steve Goodman published a book called Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect and the Ecology of Fear in 2009. I got to thinking about this recently when some classmates brought up the "Operation Wandering Soul" psyop tapes deployed during the Vietnam War (this was in conjunction with reading the allusive and elusive Operation Wandering Soul by Richard Powers).

This gem popped up in Baltimore on one of my last digging trips before I moved out to the Left Coast. The minute I saw "THE DREAM LABORATORY" and "AN AUDITORY ASSAULT" handwritten on a plain white cover I was in like Flint. The vinyl itself turned out to be pretty dusty but possibly unplayed. There's no escaping the three shades of pink and it was hard not getting excited about the prospects of electronic effects when you see "(Fade out electronic effects)" printed on the label itself. In short, the story entails a doctor in "The Lab" who "probes and remixes the dreamlife of his subjects," which as you might expect involves some spaced out shit and electronic sounds. If you're interested, take a listen
here. Looks like the mastermind behind all this, Paul A. Green, has a couple other projects up here.

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