Monday, November 21, 2011

Keysound (2011)

So yeah, I wanted to go out with a bang. Hence this kaleidoscopic image from the label on Damu's Ridin' EP. Plus this hypercolor jawn lets me wrap things up the way I started with a Keysound joint. One of my favorite memories is from July 4 a couple years back -- I was on an evening flight from Florida to D.C. I scored a window seat on the left side of the plane (a must for arriving at DCA because you get that nice view of the Car Barn at Georgetown and all the D.C. monuments coming in over the Potomac River). As we started heading east I peered out and saw fireworks going off all over the place below. Anyhoo, not only does this label remind me of that night, but it is a perfecto fit for Damu's chunes. This release is on some jump up say yeah let the games begin bass action. Maximal is the word that best characterizes the music for me. If you were driving the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart and instead of having to start over when you fell off the track, you got warped into some other next dimension -- that's what this sounds like. Hands down one of my favorite releases from 2011. Damu also has a full length that just dropped in October, peep the lead single, Breathless, quite a lovely one.

And like that I'm out. Thanks much to
Zander Stewart for cranking this blog back up -- definitely been a joy to participate.

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