Sunday, November 13, 2011

Diamond Records (1989)

This is one of those flea market finds that I debated over picking up (I was about to spring for two crates of OG Baltimore House singles), but I'm glad the older gent at the booth threw this in for free. The a-side is pretty straightforward with track titles in eggplant print. The b-side is where it's at for me though. Instantly reminded me of the Liquid Sky OST cover, but the black and white job works in this case. The "You are invited to expand your total self" charge always gets a grin. In my mind I always think, "Why yes, I would like to expand more than just a particular part of myself." Totally total. My favorite days at the flea market were when DJ collections would come through because a lot of times I'd find stuff with notes written on the sleeves. I've ended up with a number of singles from the collection of "CERONE."

As for the music, this is one erotic workout. "French Kiss" was
Lil Louis's best known hit. The full 10-minute version starts out just chugging and chugging along but around minute six or seven the sex styles kick in. Shawn Christopher gets her moan on in concert with a complete slowdown of the beat. Ish reaches a crawl and actually comes to a complete halt as she reaches her peak. Then the beat just comes in as furious as ever for another couple minutes. Yup, a burner. Check this video for a sample of what I'm talking about. The comments are worth a peruse too what with all the shout-outs from former strippers who say they used to poledance to this.

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