Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hyperdub (2009)

In my book, Hyperdub was king from 2007-2010. Every release, from "Archangel" to "Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)" to "Need You" to "Please" to "Boomslang" to "You Don't Know What Love Is," was a sonic bomb. "Black Sun" was of course no exception what with label-head Kode 9 taking all the tension from Memories of the Future and reworking it into a synthesizer pressure cooker for the dancefloor. Every time I listen to this track I'm struck by how it seems to move forward and up and down simultaneously.

The label reminds me of a
Fennesz landscape on Touch Records from a while back. While that one was way gray, this one is much more of an apocalyptic after-future with a sea and atmosphere turned a hazy yellow. Certainly reminiscent of another Ballard short-story, "The Day of Forever."
I also dig the fonts used here, which were pretty much standard Hyperdub issue.

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