Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cold Mountain Music / Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society (1975)

I appreciate that this record puts the Sufi dance before the song, but I think the vibe is a bit hard to capture on vinyl. There's a bunch of chanting of mantras and the like that you can hear, but it doesn't quite capture the hypnotic visual of the circular trance-like whirling (see this short clip from the film Decasia for a sense of what I'm talking about). The label here tries to do some of this work, but the first time I pulled this one out of the sleeve I mistook these two whitey dervishes as being awkward sleepers. I wonder if that's partly because whoever designed this didn't bother to trim out the space between them. Also, where the heck did their other feet go? I guess they can just kinda plant with the stump and then twirl.

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