Friday, November 18, 2011

Discos Gas (1979)

Before I moved out west, I had to do a concentrated purge of my collection (downsized by at least 1000 pieces) and before I bought anything at the flea market I had to do some serious self reflection on whether or not I "really needed" it (as opposed to "really wanted" it). This was one that almost ended up on the chopping block as I was trying to break my habit of springing simply based on covers, especially cheesecake like a naked Mexican woman with one heckuva perm trying unsuccessfully to cover herself with an acoustic guitar (sorry, this is the one time Google image search has failed me, even with SafeSearch off). I know I know, shoulda been a no-brainer, but then I pulled the vinyl out of the sleeve, saw this label and the deal was done. The colors here are great -- the gray base and then what actually look like blue, silver, red and yellow bursts of light gas shooting out of the lower-case gas name. To give respect where respect is due, the direccion artistica was done by one Guillermo Acosta S. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that the title is misspelled on the label as according to my bobo high-school knowledge of espanol, "serenata" is the correct spelling for a serenade.

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