Monday, November 15, 2010

Ultimate T & A (2007)

What up vinyl lovers! Eric checking in on my first post of the week. I'll be bringing you label designs from contemporary club music 12" singles that span several musical styles from the global dance underground. The 12" single format, like the 45, is often packaged in simple or generic sleeves with little design aside from perhaps the label's logo. This shifts the record's graphic identity to the label itself and in recent years I have noticed a trend in more elaborate and clever design. It has become increasingly rare that modern dance tracks are even pressed on vinyl, so I find these designs to be a little treat to those of us (also shrinking in numbers) that stick to the old ways. First up and for the next few days I will be showcasing T & A record's label designs. Today's feature is a compilation of Baltimore club style remixes of old R & B favorites by a variety of producers.
Eric May

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