Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gregory Isaacs, et al (Shockout 2005)

I love Shockout records, an imprint of Tigerbeat 6, which in the mid-decade got a head start on releasing global/urban fusion sounds- the type of mongrel dance music forms that have been continually rising to prominence on dancefloors since. Here, producers like Kid 606, DJ/rupture, and The Bug were mashing up the sounds of grime, dancehall, reggaeton, and pre-dubstep advancings of the garage/d 'n b sounds. Here we have the august Gregory Isaacs with his sweet syrupy croon (digitally stretched in certain places) over playful digital beats. I particularly like the throwbacky drum and bass sound of the DJ C remix, which remarkably keeps the island vibes laid back despite the breakbeats. Oh yeah, this is the classic Shockout label, a different color for each release with the roaring Lion of Judah and shock logos.
R.I.P. The Cool Ruler.

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