Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dylan Thomas Reading His Complete Recorded Poetry (1963)

Library sale find: first printing, first edition. I've known many a drunk, fat Welshman in my day and I know they want nothing more than to be taken seriously. Since I'm pretty much the same way, I feel this side provides a nice break from my earlier posts, i.e. crusty-noise-gutter metal rock made by testicle-obsessed Satan worshipers. Boy, the Welsh can really sing, I mean serious pipes. Makes me wonder if Dio was Welsh. It's ironic that this is a spoken word LP. Anyway, I do love this double album and the center label and the thick-ass vinyl. I have always wanted to record my own version of A Child's Christmas in Wales/Berwyn. If you read this, tip your next jar of autumn ale to the man who porked Shirley Jackson right under her husband's nose.

Paul Nudd

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