Monday, November 1, 2010

Lubricated Goat - Plays the Devils Music (1989)

All hail the Goat! So proud to own this jar of death-encrusted scum. Stu Spasm was curiously absent (along with the Cows) from the Amphetamine Reptile 25th Anniversary bash this summer, but like I said, I'm so honored and privileged to have this slice of gutter trash in my attic that I know, deep down, I'll never need anything more. I wish someone would sack up and reissue the Goat's lost catalog, but again... I'll never need anything more.

Sometime in the early 2000's I snatched up as much Amphetamine Reptile vinyl as I could find. Most of it was really cheap and golden. I love the AmRep logo. I duct-taped my old baseball cap together for the big party in Minnesota this summer and I was reminded that pretty much any picture of me that was taken in high school somehow incorporates this menacing logo. Ah yes, I miss the 90's...

Anyway, it's also powerfully wrong that most of the lyrics are printed inside this AmRep reissue, but the greatest bit of additional strangeness is the band photos: each member photographed with his head strung up and bound with a trillion rubber bands.

Paul Nudd

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