Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bersa Discos #4 (2008)

I've always had a sweet tooth for Latin rhythms. So, I was visiting my lil' sis in SF a few years ago and we decided to go out clubbing on a whim and lucked out to find Montreal DJ Ghislain Poirier spinning at a club near her place. However, it was not Poirier who ruled this dancefloor, we were really fortunate to catch two young DJ's- Oro 11 and Disco Shawn, aka Bersa Discos. They rocked the digital cumbia vibes for our virgin ears. I already knew I liked cumbia, but this set of dubbed- out traditional beats woven with bleeps and bloops was the best dance music I'd ever heard. Thus began my love affair with the cumbia. Its really global music- the two producers featured on this record are Uproot Andy from New York and Sonido del Principe out of Amsterdam. Cumbia originates in Columbia but is popular throughout Latin America, with scenes of this new clubby incarnation thriving in Mexico and particularly Buenos Aires. New York DJs expand the sound further mixing it into Tropical House sets. This record is put out by those two DJs I saw that night, who are based in the Bay Area and are one of the few labels pressing this stuff on wax. Obviously, their visual identity appeals to me as well- taco trucks, stacks of amps, and palm trees in acidic color washes. ¡Soy cumbia!

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