Saturday, July 17, 2010

SST (1984)

Sometimes people think I am being coy when I don't recognize that they are playing Led Zeppelin, or Dark Side of The Moon, or Sabbath or whatever. They don't understand how I could have grown up as an artist, how I could be so interested in music without having an early phase of listening to Classic Rock. This is why. I heard this before I ever got the chance. Black Flag obliterated all other kinds of "bad" music in my young consciousness. It all sounded stale, it all sounded well... limp, bloated, pompous, fake, insincere, and well... light compared to the power that I heard in this.

You're NOT evil. I've got rat's eyes. I'm trapped behind the bars.
Slip It In.
...thank goodness I didn't hear Damaged until a few years later

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