Sunday, July 4, 2010

SOS (1993)

Free Kitten
Företag Special Groupie 7"
"Cleopatra" b/w "Loose Lips"

I have always had a soft spot for Free Kitten (more so than Sonic Youth to be honest). Headed by Kim Gordon and Julie Cafritz, the band usually has Yoshimi P-We on the drums, and then Mark Ibold on bass if need be. This 7” was released for the Lollapalooza tour of 1993, with only Gordon and Cafritz, joined by Wharton Tiers on drums just to mix things up. A true band with an attitude, Free Kitten has cornered the market on a certain insouciant come-hither bratty quality that in a split second of amplifier squall spills over into sweetness or spite. Dreamy. Free Kitten understands infatuation like no other. The less they care, the more I love them. Funny thing is, they can care, aren’t afraid to be fans, and show the love when and where it is deserved. Maybe I just haven’t earned that right.

Who could say it better? “Hey, we want a piece of the action!”

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