Sunday, July 4, 2010

Povertech Industries (1995)

The B-Side wins again and again, and this time is no different. Just the B-Side this time. Half of the CM von Hausswolff Plays John Cage 7". The other side is a spiritcom version of one of the Imaginary Landscape works. This side is von Hausswolff's cover of 4'33". The great thing is how he recorded this. Cut straight to vinyl, no sound source. The real kicker: instead of time, he translated 4'33" as distance. Vectors, my friend, it is all in vectors. Four feet and thirty-three inches. That's how long the groove is, and determines how long the composition plays. No, it does not translate to four minutes thirty-three seconds. The package recommends you not play this side. I must not love my turntable, because I do anyway.

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