Friday, July 2, 2010

Grand Royal (1999)

Must start this holiday weekend off right. That, of course, means Biz Markie doing Elton John's classic, sandwiched by a tiny aperitif and little after-mint. Lovers of classic music and lovers of karaoke will all find a way to lose themselves when this spins. So close to perfection. Except he is not so clear on all the lyrics. What he loses in detail he more than makes up for in emphasis. In fact, I wonder if Markie is a bit of a clothes horse, given the enthusiasm and gusto he throws behind: "She's got electric boots / a mohair suit / You know I read it in a magazine."

This flex-disc came as an insert to Issue #2 of the short-lived Grand Royal magazine. The entire issue is a classic: an abusive interview with Ted Nugent, long winding article on Lee "Scratch" Perry, and Thurston Moore's free jazz top ten. But it's Biz that takes the cake, the cupcake, the cookie and any other sweet you've got laying around, including those mangy M & M's lodged under the couch cushions.

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