Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Alexander already threw up my favorite Vertigo label. It's one of those labels that can be entrancing to watch twirl on a turntable -- a trippy, optical-illusion-ish visual sensation. So I was like dayum how can I compete with that? But then I remembered the somewhat similar label I had on one of my favorite thrift store finds: Master Performers of Persian Traditional Music. Although looking at it now I guess it's not that similar. But this joint does have a lion with a nasty looking curved sword and a crown to boot. I also like how there are faint black and white marks that have rubbed off from the inside of the sleeve onto the actual label here. Either the company recycled some cool old Persian art prints for the sleeve -- or went so far as to print really elaborate design work on an inside sleeve. Regardless, an added bonus. Like the Vertigo joint, this one also looks really cool spinning on a turntable.

I thought it would be interesting to also throw up the label that's on the flip side. It's mad different in terms of design, but I feel the silver script printed on black -- just love the way the Arabic looks here.

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