Friday, January 29, 2010

Domino (2009)

I've been buying a lot of white labels (or black labels as many would be more accurately described) lately. This has lead me to ponder how dope the collections of some dance DJs must look -- bookshelves and crates chock full of uniform white cardboard sleeves. But then I realized it must be impossible to find anything without a proper organization.

Given that the sleeves themselves aren't too exciting once you get over the whole minimal thing, the labels pop out, particularly with this Joy Orbison remix of Four Tet's stunna "Love Cry." The concept is simple enough: a handful of multi-colored hole punches. The first time I put this on my deck, right before I hit start - stop I looked down and thought that all of these little circles just might fly up like confetti. But as the platter turns the colors go in and out of focus so it becomes a vibrant petri dish, which correlates more with the track. The original (which also has a pretty cool label) just chugs along, but this remix removes the live drums for a warmer, shimmering haze that straight bumps.

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