Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Dada (2004)

So maybe I was misleading with my last post. Occasionally digging can payoff with the ladies. Take the case of Wesley "Diplo" Pentz. We both worked at a college radio station in Florida back in '98. One early a.m. I arrived at the studio to find a kinda crazy white dude with the worst-looking starter dreadlocks ever filling in for the death metal show before me. Not only did Wes have seriously deep crates (non-metal related), but he had two gals with him that looked vaguely hippie-ish and hip-hop at the same time, which I was like "aww damn" about.

Since then, guy done did and is doing big things. I still check for his work, but honestly, the Florida LP is my shit. This joint captures so much about the sunshine state: growing up listening to crickets, 808 drum programming, psych samples, marching bands, fast rapping and girls yelling in languages I can't understand.

My guess is there's probably a religious theme park in Florida with dioramas depicting dinosaurs and humans coexisting, but they can't hold a candle to the wind of these Frank Franzetta-esque black and white drawings of dinos and honey babies maxing in a prehistoric swamp on these labels. Did I mention that one of these lovelies also has a gun? Oopski! I just reverted back to being a 10-year-old, comic-book-reading Chinese kid.


  1. How about dinosaurs destroying the Union army, at a roadside attraction in Virginia called Dinosaur Kingdom?

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