Sunday, January 24, 2010

Earth (1969)

What many a goober secretly wishes would miraculously result from hours of sifting through smelly thrift stores, flea markets and used record shops: groupies. Alas.

I dig the colors on this label. Love the shades of pink with the mustard. The font of the album title looks great. The look doesn't quite complement how a serious "documentary" project might ordinarily be presented, but it certainly aims for that with the tag line and the dramatic "The girls heard on this LP report..." explainer. I haven't been able to dig up a lot on Alan Lorber, but I like the owl-ish logo for his production company. I do wonder what the hell is going on with the "EARTH" flame that originates in a location that could be New York City if the continents were stretched and redrawn in weird, blocky shapes. That's just where Earth originates in this conception I guess.

There are some great things about this LP -- awesome cover, vocal bits that are fed through echo effects and a "Groupie Glossary" that includes definitions for "piggies," "randy," "freak scene" and "rock-geisha" among other laughables. But this can also be a tough, confusing listen. It's a conversation between four to five women about all the ups and downs of '60s groupie life and damn if some of the downs are outright scary.


  1. This record is unreal! Fantastic cover art too. It took me a second to notice that the label is a low-fi planet earth. Canada seems to be seriously under-represented. Was this a thrift-store find?

  2. Yeah, this is one of my prizes in terms of cover art, label art and concept. But again, the content actually gets kinda rough. These women know they're getting mistreated and describe how messed up ish gets with the musicians of the time, but also still speak of 'em as venerated pop stars. For some reason I don't recall where I picked this up -- I have seen at shows, stores for a pretty penny. I do remember that my copy was sealed originally. I flipped my wig over the cover, then flipped my wig again once I heard the introduction with all the echo.

  3. These posts are totally kicking ass. I'm pretty intrigued by the content of this one. I would love to get a copy of this record on cassette - or something.

  4. Kat -- get Zander your address. When I have a chance in the next week or two I'll try to make you a recording. I'll send it along...