Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sonet (1976)

A couple years ago I came into possession of the collection of a jazz guitarist down in Florida. The bulk of the haul ended up split between two locations, i.e. my parents' house/basement. During my infrequent family visits I usually end up sifting through stacks of dusty boxes with the aim of clearing out some of my holdings, mainly at the behest of my old man who likes to half joke that the foundation under the room I grew up in is starting to sink with the weight of thousands of LPs. On my initial runs I immediately pulled all the Blue Note, Impulse, Strata East and Prestige heavy-hitters. With subsequent trips I've been parsing through stuff on a lot of labels that I didn't initially recognize -- but am now really glad I can say I own (Folkways, Polish Jazz, Nessa, Muse, Milestone).

On my latest trip, I stumbled across this Art Farmer LP, which was recorded in '74 with what looks like a Swedish band (with the addition of a couple recognizable names such as Sabu Martinez and Red Mitchell). I can't say what originally compelled me to pull the record out of the sleeve, but damn I'm glad I did. This immediately became one of my favorite labels. I just love the purple of the sky and the way the mountain peaks look. What a great idea to have a river that stretches out of the background and then widens to provide the open space for the artist, title and tracks. This wasn't on my original slate of labels to post, mainly because I hadn't actually found it before I thought about my list. But the minute I slid this baby from the sleeve I knew I had to make room for it.

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