Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stories - About Us (Kama Sutra, 1973)

I noticed Alexander has posted a couple of Kama Sutra labels, one from 1967 and the other from 1970, so I posted this one from 1973. The two earlier labels had imagery similar to each other--a logo of a statue with several arms, I guess consistent with the Indian theme, likely related to the association with Buddah records. By 1973, Kama Sutra had apparently converted from Buddhism to Christianity. Here we've got a modest Eve sharing evil with Adam, representing Kama Sutra Records' new, more fearful view of sexuality.

This was the first of two records from Stories, a band started by one of the songwriters from the group The Left Banke, who were best known for their single "Walk Away Renee." The record is overall pretty great--the harmonies are still there, and many of the songs are more dynamic, possibly just by virtue of being a product of 1973 rather than the mid-60s. Low points of the album are when the band resorts to boogie-woogie. That, of course, can be said of any record relying on a boogie-woogie element, e.g., 98% of the rock albums recorded between 1971 and 1977.

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