Monday, January 10, 2011

Roger Miller - "Oh, Guitars Etc..." (Forced Exposure, 1988)

Who doesn’t love the ole center hole right between the eyes trick? I found a bunch of these mugshot-esque portrait labels while I was digging through my records looking for good stuff to post. Love ‘em! I actually had to whittle a few off of my list in the interest of variety. I’m also a bigtime sucker for children’s doodles so I figured this Roger Miller record would be the perfect way to kick things off.

These examples are from the 5th solo record by Roger Miller of Mission of Burma, not the ‘dang me, dang me, they oughta take a rope and hang me’ country novelty singer Roger Miller. Oh, Guitars Etc.. is a very personal record and supposedly one of Roger’s favorite examples of his own work. It’s d.i.y. all the way from the 4-track recording to the custom spray painted back cover. Is side one the portrait of a 6 year old Roger? Is side two 6 year old Roger’s artwork? That’s my guess.

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