Friday, January 7, 2011

The Kinks - Arturo (PRT 1980-reissue)

This is what 'Arthur' looked like if you bought it in Spain in 1980. Which makes me wonder--who were the Spaniards who bought 'Arthur' in 1980? This record had been released 11 years prior, which seems like it puts it in the category of too old to be current and not old enough to be interesting. This record is also extremely British, so it seems like that would further limit the appeal. Possibly it sat on the shelves for years, the record store went out of business and sold its stock to Amoeba, where I bought it in 2005. Something we'll never know, I guess. Anyway, the record has a pretty neat logo, so after all its land and sea travels it ends up here, in the digital universe.


  1. Nice! I've got the Kink Kontroversy with this label. It must be from 1980 too, but now I want to go home and check. A great batch of postings Cody, my favorite on this blog so far.

  2. Weird. I wonder what was happening then? Maybe Pye was still trying to make a few bucks off The Kinks. I think this would have been a little while after 'Low Budget' came out. I wonder how successful that effort was. I guess we can account for two copies.