Saturday, January 8, 2011

Aorta (Columbia, 1969)

This label isn't too interesting to look at, unless you're interested in looking at the words on it. This band has a passion for the cardiovascular system. It seems that prior to recording the album, the band swore strict adherence to this theme, with deviations only permitted for discussions of magic or sleeping.

Aorta was from Rockford. Peter Cetera* was actually in this band, but left to join Chicago Transit Authority. This record came out at the same time as the first CTA record, but unfortunately 'Main Vein I,' 'Main Vein II,' 'Main Vein III,' 'Main Vein IV,' and 'Heart Attack' were not as commercially successful as '25 or 6 to 4.' Aorta's next record, Aorta 2, was sadly their last. Chicago, on the other hand, recently released 'Chicago XXXII: Stone of Sisyphus.'

This record is pretty awesome. It sounds kind of like Vanilla Fudge, if Vanilla Fudge had been marooned in the cultural desert of Rockford with some hematological textbooks. Or, given the lack of technical biological reference to the heart's operation or the function of blood in the body, maybe just a copy of 'I am Joe's Heart.'**

The lyrics are included on the record sleeve, printed in the form of poetry. I would like to share an excerpt from 'Main Vein II':

Everyone's thoughts couldn't be
what they are,
Even tho' they all know what they
Isn't far, it's your main vein,
It's your main vein.
Have you ever wondered what it is?
It's your main vein!

I have never heard 'Aorta 2,' but Wikipedia informs me that it was recorded 'in a radically different style, leaning more towards country rock with Christian overtones.'

That's all I have to say about that. My life on this blog is nearing the end, as this is my second-to-last post. Although it's only been 13 days or so, I'm about 95 in Collector Not Completist years, and my heart is beating faintly. I will return tomorrow to say goodbye to you all.

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