Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dead Moon - Strange Pray Tell (Music Maniac Records, 1992)

Dead Moon just might get my vote for the coolest, rawest, realest band of all time. Led by a couple, Fred and Toody Cole, who’ve been married since ’67 and playing in bands together since Toody took up the bass in 1980, they’re a true inspiration for all couples, artists, or anyone else trying to make their way doing their own thing. They record their own records in their house and cut them right there on the spot using the very same mono record lathe that cut the beyond classic grooves of Louis Louis. They built their home and the building that houses the guitar shop they run from the ground up with their own hands. I suggest watching the doc about them called ‘Unknown Passage.’ When it’s over you’ll be inspired to get off your ass, make your art, and do your thing.

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