Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Multhipla (1982)

Among my favorite audio artifacts of the first wave of artists associated with Fluxus is Wolf Vostell's dé-coll/age issued in 1982 on Gino Di Maggio's Italian Multhipla label.

The label's chief image is the classically beguiling 'aztec' logo designed decades before by George Maciunas, rendered here in silver with a light overlay of red text atop; it's at once vacant & animated - a backwards looking pop emblem of the trickster movement that inextricably linked Vostell to Fluxus and Maciunas to Vostell (in spite of Maciunas' rejection of Vostell's dé-coll/ages). So much for unity. Long live the unity of design.

Taking its name from Vostell's magazine of the same name and the mag's call to disorganization- dé-coll/age collates happenings recorded on location from Monaco to Los Angeles between 1959 and 1981 all clocking in at around the 3 minute mark, the length of a typical pop song which these are not. Rather: a hairy, noisy, living, breathing documentary of unmounted industry prodded, poked and picked at.

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