Monday, June 14, 2010

RRR (1998)

Technically, this was released in 1985 on Fun World, but since only one copy was made, this reissue, put out more than a decade later, was the first time the hoi polloi could get their mitts on this 7”. Miller's label design is charmingly unassuming, and the artifacts of its handmade construction were luckily reproduced here on the RRR reissue. Since the playable content of the record is a collage of surface noise from various other platters, the decidedly lo-tech approach taken on the label seems appropriate. This release seems like a bit of a lark for Miller, who was, at this point, not long removed from the break-up of Mission of Burma. Side B features the same exact label ("This SIDE" included), and, a few bars of Bach carved directly into the vinyl. The evolving aspect of this record is that its existant noise is to be augmented by new imperfections, a la Christian Marclay's Record Without a Cover, as it is (mis)handled and played. We've not the heart to subject this to any undue punishment, however, so our copy has had little chance to evolve.

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