Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moers Music (1983)

This sort of chunky vintage text has gotten a lot of use in recent years, but here's the real McCoy, released in 1983 when, we assume, this look was probably cutting edge. The cover of this lp, a largely forgotten early 80's missive from guitar composer Rhys Chatham, is even more reminiscent of early digital technology, the sort of design that the youth of today seem to go gaga for. Oddly enough, there's not really much of an electronic influence on the music here, but that makes the content of this record a bit more timeless than its label. The text around the outer edge of the label is a nice addition, offering a little bit of order, but even more activity on a crowded canvas.

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  1. Hey adam, we did two GEMA releases in a row. LEISTUNGSSCHUTZRECHTE VORBEHALTEN and UNTERLAUBTE VERVIELFALTIUNG and all that stuff.