Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mega (1971)

I really like the drawing of the building on this Mega label. It seems like the headquarters for something, probably a cabal of plotting businessmen in a superhero comic. Meanwhile, at the headquarters of M.E.G.A....

The label was based in Memphis, and put out lots of country stuff. A lot of it looks silly, but there are a few great cover designs (check out Mack Vickery Live at the Alabama Women's Prison). There are a couple of heavy-hitters that mysteriously ended up in their catalog through some association with Flying Dutchman, including Bernard Purdie, Leon Thomas, and Eddie Cleanhead Vinson. This Apollo 100 record is by a British group who did rock renditions of classical music, which was a genre I tried collecting for a while. The track "Joy" is pretty well known.

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