Saturday, May 8, 2010

Map City

Hey record collectors! How 'bout a one-way ticket to MAP CITY?

I love this label. It's from an astrology record by Maurice Woodruff, who was among other things the astrological advisor to Peter Sellers. For a while I was trying to collect all the astrology-themed records I could find, but the problem with this idea was that astrology-themed records mostly come in sets of 12. Maybe one day I'll get back to this collection when I have more space for records.

But wow, isn't this a great label? Check out the sort of crystal-shard rainbow deal in the distance. Sort of a combination of a sunset and a rainbow. I don't know what awaits in MAP CITY, but sign me up!


  1. I love astrology themed records!! This is a good one!

  2. There is ALWAYS space that can be made for more records.