Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decca (1971)

This is such a nice design. A+ work, Decca!

This album is a lame football-themed comedy record. The "David A. Axelrod" credit jumped out at me when I came across it in a record store in DC. I knew he had a couple of records on Decca, but had never heard of this one before. Everything on the A side and most of the B side are garbage, silly football banter. But when you hit the last cut, "Run for Daylight," it's a groovy Axe jam. The vocals are a bit awkward and the whole thing has a slightly under-rehearsed feel, but the classic Axelrod production hits hard. It even has a short open drum and vocal break. If you have ever wished that your interests in football and David Axelrod could come together, this track is for you.

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