Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cadet (1968)

Chess/Checker/Cadet is one of my favorite labels, but I think that the design of this label could be a lot cooler than it is. The horse head logo is so classic, but it seems under-appreciated here. Basically, I want a label that has the horse logo printed to fill the entire thing, white on navy blue. And if I REALLY had my way, there wouldn't even be any text on one side, like the Vertigo label. Just that logo, printed large and crisp, spinning around. Now you're talkin!

This Ramsey Lewis album is one of my most favorite records. There's few albums I pull out to listen to as often as this one. All Beatles covers, but Ramsey OWNS each track. Instrumental versions of tunes you know, via Ramsey's soulful piano and an orchestra, plus spaced-out Moog effects and tight funk drums.

Actually, I think I'm going to put this on right now...

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