Sunday, October 30, 2011

Light (1971)

This label design includes one of my favorite things to see on a record - a variation on the off-center concentric circles seen in Duchamp's rotoreliefs. If you close one eye and stare at the label at it spins, it creates an effect of depth.

The Cross and the Switchblade
is an Evangelical Christian film where Pat Boone brings the word of Jesus to some street gangs and troubled youths, one of whom is played by Erik Estrada.

Cool horns and drums all over the place on this record. The track "Addict's Psalm" is particularly interesting, with a spoken passage from Psalms mixed with reverb over a jazzy breakbeat.

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  1. Hi Alexander,
    Just found your blog (via
    Verrrrrrrrrry interesting. I have not, of course, gotten through all of the postings yet, but I hope to. I'd like to contribute. I actually don't have a camera right now, but, um, hmm, well, I could manage, I think. Plenty of records, in any case.